Friday, June 29, 2012

Following the Savior!

I often try to think to myself in this sinful world, "What am I doing to prepare myself to meet the Savior?" At times I hate to it but nothing at other times I am trying to do everything. This is probably how we all feel. We can have a bad day and remember the Lord and then have such a spectacular day and forget him because we are worldly full!

Satan tried to keep us running so much that we do forget. I am just as guilty as anyone. I work at a minimum on average of 56 hours/week and then approximately two hours of travel per day on top of that. I get pretty caught up where its hard to do the things that I know I need to. Like for example it is midnight and I am finally being able to write on my blog. I have went months of business that has prevented me from writing and keeping it up-to date. I think the saddest part is though is how blessed we are but how ungrateful we are. That is not everyone and not all the time its just general. Something goes wrong and we collapse as a figure of speech, but when all is well we stand tall. This is actually a good thing. When we collapse it usually brings us to our knees to have mighty prayer. And when all is well we are standing tall and showing the world the blessings of the Gospel.

So now that I have rambled on... How are you preparing yourself to meet the Savior? Are you reading your scriptures daily? Praying? Looking for opportunities to serve others? Looking for the opportunities to share the Gospel? These are just a few ways that we can be preparing ourselves to meet our Savior. How great shall be the day!

I have been pretty surprised as where I work their are not very many members at all. But everyone knows those who are mormon for the most part because, ex) We are not out there smoking, Our language is cleaner, etc.. That is not just members but the majority. I get asked at least a question a day about the church. I love it because it shows I am hopefully making an impression and trying to reflect the Saviors love for them to them. It could be from just saying hi or giving them a hand. What I do know though is that as we try to "be an example of the believers" we will help others to come to the light of Christ at which point, they will be preparing themselves to meet the Savior. Maybe it takes weeks or maybe years but those actions won't be forgotten!

I know my Savior lives and loves me and you. I know that as we prepare to meet Him, He shall lead us and guide us through the path that He wants us to be on as long as we are willing, obedient and humble. I encourage all to reflect upon their lives as that is what I have done and notices my many imperfections that will be perfected one day through the blood of Christ.