Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Memories of The Past

Looking back on my childhood and teenage years, I have some pretty good memories. As Christmas is right around the corner i look back and reflect on memories with the family. Christmas is ordinarily my time to spend it with family. I live a very busy life and don't often take time to be with them, except Christmas. 3 years ago Dec. 29, 2011 I returned home off of an LDS Mission.

I remember as a little boy I was always so happy to pull out my hot wheels and play for hours on end. I would go on bike rides as much as I could. My family vacations every year was down to Salt Lake City, UT to visit my dads family. In the summers we would go to Lagoon Amusement Park which was my favorite place. Scared to death I would ride the rides and come off of it with the biggest smile ever. Then I made my first visit to my Uncle in Florida which not knowing would become of one of my most visited places. I love every trip I get to Florida.

I say this not for pitty, but for years I was bullied and suffered much verbal abuse. Growing up my friends list was very very small. I didn't understand what it was really like to have friends not of the family. I would hang out with my brothers and other than that my cousins Brad and Mulloy. Even with all the heart ache it brought as a young boy I would do it over again because it is what taught me to be who I am. At times I was the saddest kid ever to my family, but always smiling to everyone else. I became one of the most shy kids you would meet. This lasted all the way until I went on to serve my mission when I had no choice. The only way to survive would be to talk to people. Shaking in my shoes to talk I did which was one of the best decisions I ever made.Then living in the area of Nashville, TN would also become one of my favorite places on earth where I grew.

Over the past 24.5 years I look back in total amazement at where I am now compared to where I was and where I wanted to be. I thought I would either be a teacher or a police officer. Definitely not working in the Oil Industry. Starting out as a kid who almost knew nothing of the industry I have worked my way up the ladder and will always continue to do so. Through many trials and blessings I learned the attribute of totally relaxed to the point that almost nothing bothers me anymore. Went from a yelling little boy to a very soft spoken adult. It amazes me how much different things influence our lives. Whether good or bad everything is always a learning lesson which really depends on how you interpret it.

I am so grateful for my upbringing and learning. I am so grateful for the blessings that God gives me daily when I do not deserve them. Oh how great the joy is.

Shall we always reflect and know there is good to come I hope for everyone.