Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Times of Anguish and Despair, Where Do You Turn?

As I am sitting here injured I am thinking where have I turned since the injury. Have I thrown my fists at God in anger? Have I just turned away without looking back? Or have I taken it like a champ?

Well I can tell you I have not thrown my fists at God. My attitude throughout the past 4.5 weeks has just been, well its part of life. It sucks horribly but there is nothing I can do about it. There has been so much happen that truly is life changing.I have been more thankful that what happened is all that happened. 

You may be wondering what has happened. One thing that happened was I tore my MCL and dislocated my Patella a few weeks back at work. Since then I have not been able to really use my right leg especially my right knee. I think I could have lost a leg at work or even I truly could have been killed. Thankfully though I am just limited on what I can do. 

If we go back and think to an experience in our life where we have had something happen to us. What was your thoughts as it happened. Some things may have happened so quick you didn't know what to think. That is what happened to me. Then think to yourself what you thought a day or a week after it happened. Now think back maybe its been years. Has it changed you? What effects did it have on your life?I want you to really think about this.

Some experiences may have mentally scared you for life and others may have brought extreme joy. Now just for the fun of it think back to either a fun or funny memory in your life. 

It should have brought a smile to your face. If you didn't have a smile on your face, think of a better memory. Maybe you feel a bit of excitement or joy in your soul. There is something in my life that has continually brought me that joy when I sought it. The knowledge of a Loving Heavenly Father. Whether I have been good or bad I know He still loves me. I know He will still invite me home to Him! I have not been His best child but nevertheless I know that He has always been there especially when I needed Him most. Things recently could have turned out so much worse but I know He was watching over me and has continued throughout my life!

I hope your earthly experiences whether they be good or bad change you for the best and that you remember Him who has given you everything!