Sunday, March 25, 2012

Correction to Rumors About Me!

People are currently probably trying to figure out what went wrong with me. I have come home off a mission honorably for medical conditions. There are rumors floating about and being spread that i did not come home for that at all which to you I say, "Let me show you my honorable release certificate!" Why these rumors are being spread is clueless to me! I gave all I mean all! I turned away from the world beliefs!  I suffered and hurt for my Savior's sake and these missionaries spreading these rumors about me just upsets me soo much! Why would a servant of God spread something like this when he doesn't know the conditions at which I was released for? I thought he is to represent the Most High! Of course we all fall short but this is just negligence and stupidity.

For all out there I did serve honorably! Whether you believe me or not, I did! My priesthood leaders testify of that!

This has just been bothering me soo much! My soul has been shaken in pain! How exquisite you know not! My name has been slayin by some stupid kid! I do know that God lives! I know He is real! I know we all make mistakes and can be forgiven as we repent. So to those destroying my name! I will pray for you!

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