Saturday, September 10, 2011


As we know 10 years ago tomorrow the US was hit with terrorist attacks which took thousands of lives. Not only did it take lives but it changed many lives. Families missing brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc.. This is heart breaking for those of us who did not lose family members as well. I wish I could have done something to prevent what had been done. I wish I could rewind and make those persons who crashed the planes not do it. This day will always be remembered as a day of sorrow and anger. The sorrow will be for those whose lives were lost and families separated. What we do know from the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that families are meant to be together eternally. It is not till death do we part.

I remember the day what I did on 9/11/2001. I was in 6th grade at school. I went home for lunch and all over the news was the planes hitting the twin towers. I went back to school and we had a low flying aircraft heading towards our school. I will be honest I was a little scared because of what I had just seen on the news. I figured the plane was just going to land. After I went home I watched the news for hours. I was just in astonishment of what had happened. I re-watched it time and time again. Until I came on my mission I watched the youtube clips of it. I have always wanted to be a federal agent and to help prevent things like this and still want to. When this happened it gave me a second witness that that was what I wanted to do for work. I feel like that is one of my callings in life. To protect and serve and I have the upmost desire to do so. I love serving others.

The images of what happened will be in my head forever. The sacrifice by those who helped protect and save lives will always be thought of. The firefighters and paramedics and police officers and soldiers who spent days looking for people need to always be remembered. Those who lost a loved one and friends always need to be remembered.  They are forever in my heart. May I ask that we all take a moment of silence for those whose lives were lost? Think of how truly great your life is. No matter how bad they are someone else is worse.

Please take time to remember and honor those who were affected.

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