Sunday, January 29, 2012

Huge Decision and My Thoughts!

So three years ago I went to join the United States Marine Corps! I was attending Brigham Young University Idaho. As I would talk with recruiters my thoughts would sway back and forth because of such a big decision. After I started feeling out the papers I decided I would hold off and go on a church mission. I was called by a Prophet of God to the Great Tennessee Nashville Mission. I served an honorable mission and now home. While on my mission I studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I was able to see how much they help and support each other. They do not contradict each other but are both witnesses of the Master Jesus Christ. If I would have never went on my mission I would have never had the opportunity like I had to study the scriptures.

I am home now and have soo many decisions to make. There are honestly soo many huge decisions. Call me crazy, but I have always wanted to go and serve in the military. There are certain things that always pulls me away from it. The military life is one of the biggest divorce causes today. Couples can't adjust to the other being gone and having no idea where they are. Not hearing from them in months. They have no idea if they will ever see their spouse again. On the other side of it though. Soldiers go away to defend their country and give their family and friends the freedom they enjoy. We all know their are hardships that come with war. Many are so upset when I or others talk about going into the military. Why, because they are afraid that we are making a bad decision. If everyone runs from the military then who is going to be there to preserve our freedom.
Now the thing that really pulls me away from military is the thought that what if I get married and my wife does not like what I do. I will have children that will not see their father for months at a time. Family is so very important to me. I want to be there for my wife and my children when they are growing up. I want to have the eternal memories that my family and I can have. This is one of those hard decisions that I am always battling with in my head day after day. 

My dream since I was a little boy is to be a Federal Agent! I have always been so interested in Law Enforcement. That has always caught my eye and gave me more excitement in career searching than anything else. Yea I could be an Engineer or a Medical Personnel which are not bad jobs by any means but it is just not what I really want to do. I used to work around FBI Agents and DHS Officers and I quite enjoyed it. I battle with this dream day after day also because again divorce rates in law enforcement families are high. Same reasons never know if you will see your spouse again after they go to work. They could be killed on the job. At the same time you could be killed in a car accident driving to any job or you could work for a company that is getting robbed and be shot. There are dangers in every job. Yea, law enforcement you are putting your life on the line so other may live, but there is great respect in this. Christ said in the KJV New Testament, John 15:13, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Those men and women who lay down their lives for others deserve our respect. The psychological impact they go through is more than we can imagine. Knowing you may have to take someones life to preserve another. I think that would be hard.

Families are just soo important to me that I will do anything to be able to have those memories and the family I have always dreamed of. I also want that job I have always dreamed about but am a little scared because of facts and thoughts of having a broken family. The excitement of having to make big decisions. I sometimes don't know how exciting it is. HAHA!

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