Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What makes life so awesome?

This is a really good question. Well there are many different things that make me happy. The biggest thing in my life is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It includes some of the following:

GOD- He is always there for us as long as we will allow Him. Many times we push Him away because He will not push us away. He will help us in everything in our lives. He will answer any questions. He will guide us in all of lifes challenges. He loves each one of us unconditionally. I can't even say that enough. I hope everyone knows that God really exists but if not just desire to know and go off of my testimony and believe. I know He does exist. I know that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ have Perfect Glorified Immortal bodies of flesh and bones. 

FAMILY- Through the Priesthood of God families can be sealed together forever. Even though at times it is tough to be with family that is what should be most important in life. God has given us families as a support group. When I am having a hard time I turn to God then my family. Who in all honesty would want to not have a family? I know there are many people who wouldn't but families bring me happiness. They help me when they can. My family is not perfect but they are perfect to me. They are the best. What would I do without my family? I wouldn't know. My brothers and sisters makes life even more exciting. I couldn't imagine only having 1 or 2 siblings. I grew up with 8 kids in the house which was hard, but now it is the best thing in the world. Being able to hang around with all my nieces and nephews is the best. 

One day I will be able to be a father and raise my own children. That really excites me. Knowing that I will be trusted by God enough to raise some of His children. To raise them while they are here on the earth. Why would somebody not want to have children and get the responsibility to raise them. 

MISSIONARY- I am a missionary what is there more exciting and fun to do at this point of life. I am learning so much. I cant even believe what knowledge I have now. I am able to go forth teaching about Jesus Christ helping people learn their relationship with God. What better can you do in life than give up two years to bring others to the knowledge of God for eternity and also bring families together forever. This is the best calling ever. I love being able to do this. I love being a missionary. Who wants to learn about Jesus because I am more than willing to teach you. Whether you believe there is a God or not I can help you come to know as long as you have an open mind. But even more than me the Spirit of God can show you. Sharing this happiness of the gospel with others. 

If you have any questions fell free to ask. 

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