Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latter-Day Saint Missionaries

Well it all starts out with having the Gospel in our lives. When we know how this Gospel has blessed our lives we voluntarily go on a mission paying all our own expenses to share it with others. We sacrifice two years to be able to bring other families together for eternities. We have left our families for 18 months(sisters) or 2 years(elders) to go and share this Gospel which has blessed our lives. This is the motivation behind most LDS Missionaries.

We have one day per week that we go and do what is needed for the upcoming week. Cleaning cars and apartments, email our families, shop, and relax. Well that is a full preparation day as it is called. We email our families once a week and we call them twice a year, Christmas and Mothers Day. We are sure excited when it comes to talking to our families if you could imagine, seems we do not talk to them on the phone for months at a time. What activities besides work you might ask happens on P-Day? Well it all starts with  pyramids, take pictures for memories, visit museums, sports, water balloon toss, write letters, or games at the Logan's and any other activites that we can come up with. We do all of this in about 7 hours. Other than that we study the scriptures in the morning and go to work at 6pm that night.

Throughout the rest of the week we are out knocking on doors and teaching people about Jesus. Trying to help build peoples faith in Him. It is amazing some of the responses given when we knock on peoples door. Such as kids running and yelling saying the police are here. Other asking after they open thier door, "Are you FBI?" I love these responses. They just make me laugh. Others such as guns being pulled and yelling in our faces, unhappy campers they are. But it is all part of the great calling to represent the Lord in His great work. I would continue doing this even though there are lots of bad times because the good times make up for the rest.

Well here is a pyramid of elders. This is team work. Trust me it was a little nerve racking knowing that if we fall there is a table just in front of us to fall on. But with true team work it can happen. You have to trust those with you in order to complete a team. You need to have confidence in them. We must also trust our God to help us in times of need.

This picture here reminds me how small I really am compared to all that is out there. No matter how big and tough I think I am, there is something bigger instore to humbly me if needed. It is crazy to think that one plan so huge is there but so simple it is to understand the basics of this plan. So much we go up against but so small we really are. This plan is the Plan of Salvation. It includes we lived with God before we came to earth, the reasoning for coming to earth, and where we are going after we die. Other parts of God plan includes the principles we need to live by here on earth in order to be received into Heaven to live with Him including FAITH, REPENTANCE, BAPTISM BY IMMERSION, RECEIVING THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST BY THE LAYING ON OF HANDS, AND ENDURING TO THE END. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ laid out in front of your eyes. Look at it again and make sure you are abiding by this Gospel. If not you need to make some changes in your life to be in line with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. This truly is His Gospel and I do testify of it as one of His chosen representatives.

What do us as missionaries teach when we go out? Well we teach how there has been a Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here upon the earth again. The same primitive Church that Christ set up on the earth has been restored after a time of being lost. Everything we teach focuses on that Restoration. If that Restoration truly happened then the Priesthood was restored through a Prophet of God named Joseph Smith. That THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS  is the Lord's Kingdom here upon the earth as stated in the Book of Mormon Introduction. It also means that the Gospel goes along with Later-Day Saint beliefs. How God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are two separate beings. They  both have immortal glorified bodies of flesh and bones. We teach that through the Priesthood of God in our Temples, families can be sealed together for time and all eternity. So comforting is this message which we teach. We teach that there is life after death and we know our Heavenly Father's plan for us.  

I say unto all that this work which is going on is God's work. We are just His hands at the moment. We are led and guided by a living Prophet of God as well as deceased prophets in the scriptures. We are doing this becasuse of so many great blessings in our life. I know and do testify that THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS is led by our Savior Jesus Christ as He is the Chief Cornerstone. He does speak today to all who will listen.

I recommend all to listen to the glorious message of the Restoration that these missionaries share.
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Brought to you by
Elder Eric Hansen
Tennessee Nashville Mission

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