Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Sweet Teaching Appointment

Last night we were trying to see some people and well we ended up not having success until we met George and Sally. They are a really nice old couple who were really wanting to listen,. The best part about it was they gave us no grief or back talked. The only bad thing is they didn't ask any questions so we are not sure if they understood everything. Bless their hearts. We ended up giving them a Book of Mormon and a Finding faith in  Christ pass along card. The picture of Jesus. Taught them about the Book of Mormon.

 We had a good old time teaching them. We weren't able to set up a return appointment but we will go back and see them another day. It was so much fun. In all reality they were little dolls that Sister Spann got for Mothers Day. We decided we wanted to have fun and get pictures of them. It was great! These are some good ole times. After a sad pday we decided to brighten up our day. Hope this is a good ole laugh for you because when we came up with the idea it was great. I laughed and then proceeded forward with it. HAHA! Have a Great Day! God Bless

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  1. God continue to bless you Elder Hansen! You are quite inspiring...I keep you guys in my prayers!