Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Well this morning we had the opportunity to go and help out in Big Rock, TN who got hit with a F2 tornado on monday. It all started out by going to a school where we were told to sign up at. We got there and then found out that had to go over to the Big Rock Baptist Church. We got there to find out we didn't have to sign up. We were able to help unload a Church of CHrist disaster relief truck when we got there. It is so awesome to see so many churches come together at times of need and help out. Put away all the differences and help one another.  There were trees everywhere, houses laying down, buildings missing parts of 'em. As you can see the trees are just bent broken and whatever else can happen to a tree. It was just crazy. This was the first time ever been right in helping out after a tornado. It really opened my eyes to the damage that one causes. I had only ever seen this sort of stuff on tv and movies but real life make it a whole lot more real. Seeing the damaged homes and people that have lost everything really humbled me. It made me realize what I truly have. I have taken the things I have and had for granted. Being out here and helping these people has made me realize a fraction of what others problems are. For example, the pioneers in the early days of the church. They left everything in hope trusting the prophets words that there was a place prepared for them. They suffered and many of them died on the trails. Could you imagine walking across the United States in the dead of winter? Where your skin and bodies are freezing and your family is dying right around you? That is so hard to imagine. I can't even comprehend the feelings of the people who lost their families. I can't imagine the suffering they went through. It did happen though and they exercised great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well here are a few pictures that we took as we were driving by.

 Here to the left was just more trees and debris everywhere. One year ago in this area we were dealing with flooding. This year there seems to be none stop tornados and storms. Over the past 2 months it had started flooding this area again.
We got over to Big Rock and as we got there there was a paramedic unit turning his lights and sirens on. It was like oh no what is happening. Reason unknown maybe someone had heat stroke or something fell on someone. Well as you can see in the picture the trees fell on the house. Good thing no one lives there or that could have been quite the wake up after trees falling on the house. So many of us go through life just cruising when in reality so many people we walk by are in need of help. For all you know maybe that person just needs a smile. Maybe they are truly in need of some help physically where you can assist them. I recommend to all smile more and talk to everyone. Find out if there is something that you can do to help them. God gives us these resources not only for ourselves but for others who need them. Let us not forget all that is happening around us. Let us not ignore this either. AS we all know there was an EF5 tornado which walked through Joplin, MO and destroyed and even killed.

Let us lend a helping hand. Let us always remember that we are all brothers and sister sent here to help each other. We are each different which means we can help in different ways. Let us remember how merciful the Lord our God is to us. Let us remember all of our many blessing He bestows upon us. We can't even think about counting them because that will take the rest of our earthly lives plus more time. God Bless!

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