Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Setting Goals in Life! How Will it Help You?

So today at lunch with Sister Valentine, Sister McCall, Elder Adams, Elder Mauigoa, we were talking about goals. Mostly goals for the future. We talked about setting goals now than later so we are more prepared. This is such a good thing to do.

Some people think why would you plan for the future now? What will that benefit you? I like to think of it as well at least you have a goal to work towards. Someday you might have to make a decision that will take away from your goal. Maybe it could be good or bad. But when you come to a time of making a decision on something you may not need, you can look and say this is what my goal is, is this gonna help me? For some decisions it will for some it will not but you have to make that judgement call.

Here is an example of one that we talked about. At the previous two General Conferences for THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS the prophets and apostles have been talking about senior missionary couples. They are encouraging those seniors who can to go on missions. We were talking amongst ourselves about this. A senior missionary from our mission currently had said, "Make the decision now to go on a senior mission. It is much easier than having to make that decision down the road. Stick to that goal! Prepare for it and plan for it." Such great words of advice. If we say now that we are well then what is going to hold us back from such a worthy goal. Of course there will be things that come up but we already have our minds set upon it. For me, I am definitely going on a senior mission. A mission where I get to pick my companion. HAHA! For real though these missions are so beneficial for all of us. They not only benefit us but others who have not yet heard the great message of "The Coming of Our Lord." They teach us things we would never learn anywhere else. This is such a sacred opportunity and blessing to fulfill.

I heard this wise guy once say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

That is one example of a goal. Others would be education, marriage, career, family, vacation, etc.. What kind of an education are you going to or would you like to get? Are you going to get married? Do you want a job that you thouroughly enjoy or one that you just go to work and go home? Are you going to start planning and saving now for your future or your kids future? I know in these times finances are tough but when we prayerfully plan and follow those plans, after all we need to do God will help us to complete this goal. As long as it is directed by the Spirit. I am not saying that you plan and do nothing else but just keep goals in your mind of things you would like to accomplish. How do you think doing this would benefit you? Think about that and how this guidance could change generations.

We are here 19, 20, 21, etc.. years old but we are preparing for the future. We want to be ready when we have to make difficult decisions. These decisions may possibly affect future generations. Are you going to let them suffer because of your negligance to planning? I sure hope not. In Preach My Gospel it states about goal setting,

What do we want to accomplish in life? What are we going to do to accomplish these goals? There are many other things which you can do to help you prepare for the future. Always remember your goals in mind though of what you would like and plan to achieve. This will benefit you soo much in your journey and will help you to give direction to your life. I have tried it both ways by not setting goals and setting goals. It is way easier to plan ahead than to have to make a difficult decision in short amounts of time when the time comes. I would like to invite all to try this activity and see if it helps out. I know it has for me and will for you.

"A goal is a standard, a skill, an ideal, or a destination that is to be achieved. We set a goal when we decide to accomplish a particular thing. Some goals, such as cleaning a room or reading a book, may take a short time to accomplish. Other goals, such as saving money to buy a new home or doing things to improve the love and peace within the family, may take months or years. Goals that will help us become worthy to dwell eternally with our Heavenly Father may take an entire lifetime. Some goals may not even be attained during a lifetime on earth, but may require additional effort in the hereafter.
It has been said that “if you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter which road you take”
Some people often waste days, months, and even years of their lives going down paths that lead them to no worthwhile achievements. Other people set goals and progress steadily along paths that lead them to achieve much.
Every successful vacation is largely the result of goals. For example, after we decide where we are going on a trip, we select goals to help us know where we are now, where we are going, and how we are going to get there from where we are to where we want to be. Goals give purpose and direction to our actions. They help us improve our lives and achieve heights we did not think possible. President Spencer W. Kimball made the following statement about missionary goals:
“Our goal is to achieve eternal life. That is the greatest goal in the world. We are not opposed to goals. We do not want stake and full-time mission presidents to establish quotas for the missionaries. Rather, we expect them to inspire missionaries to set their own goals, and make them high enough to challenge their very best efforts, and work to achieve them. We expect you brethren to convey this message to them. We look to you to teach these principles and follow up. …
“Stimulate and encourage them to make and reach goals for themselves. … Success should not necessarily be gauged by always reaching the goal set, but by progress and attainment."
The previous quote has been taken from the following website:

There is a quote from Preach My Gospel which says,

"Goals reflect the desires of our hearts and our vision of what we can accomplish. Through goals and plans, our hopes are transformed into action. Goal setting and planning are acts of faith. Prayerfully set goals that are in harmony with the Savior’s command...Do everything within your power to achieve your goals."

I like this quote,
“I am so thoroughly convinced
that if we don’t set goals in our
life and learn how to master the
techniques of living to reach our
goals, we can reach a ripe old age
and look back on our life only to
see that we reached but a small
part of our full potential. When
one learns to master the
principles of setting a goal, he
will then be able to make a great
difference in the results he
attains in this life.”
I invite all to try this activity as I know it works. I have tried it myself and it is much easier to make decisions when you have plans and goals in mind. I know it will help you in your life also. Think about the future generations who are going to rely upon your decisions now. They are going to lean on you for help. They are going to face the consequences if you make poor decisions. So always plan ahead as it will help not only yourself but many more and your decision can also inspire others to become better and learn and grow from you. Always remember you are making decisions for yourself not others.

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  1. Oh Elder Hansen. So much wisdom.
    I think I need to keep remembering that quote, as cliche as it is. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
    Keep it on repeat in my brain for me ok?