Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth

For the Beauty of the Earth. I absolutely love the earth our God has created for us to live in. There is so much beauty here. Yea there is some not so beautiful things but hey this is God showing His love for us with all of these beautiful scenes. Just look around the world and see all the different landscapes, cultures, creatures and everything else. It is magnificient. Can you just imagine what God is willing to yet give to us?
I was in a park on Monday and saw these mini waterfalls and wanted a picture. They have come to good use.
Just imagine what it would take to create something as beautiful as this.

Look at these waterfalls. Doesn't that just look so nice. As a missionary that water looks really nice. Hearing the water go over the falls is just so relaxing. The sound of rushing water reminds me of Gods beautiful creations. I just love it. What brings peace into your life? There are many things that bring peace to our lives. We are each different and different things bring us peace. For example some just love to go on a walk in the nature. That is so relaxing and well leave the world at home when you go on that walk. Go in there and just think about your Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ, think about all of your many blessings. Take a walk with your spouse if you are married and talk about your joys and happiness. Talk about your goals for your kids. Talk about how much you love each other. Just have an enjoyable time and remember the many mercies of our God. This is one of the biggest helps in keeping a marriage strong. Taking that time alone with each other is soo important make sure your spouse truly knows you love them. Take your kids on a walk as a family. Enjoy these memories because I promise you that your kids will, if it is peaceful and enjoyable. It will also be good exercise for you which will keep you healthy. Who hates fresh air like come on now? Maybe it is hot or cold but it is the part of being together. As a family go camping or do something outdoors.
Have you ever taken time to yourself to just ponder? Before my mission when I was frusturated I would take a drive. I would cry my eyes out sometimes, but when I was out I would talk with God. I would put the world to the side and focus on the things that matters most. I remember there was this one time. I had got in a disagreement and I just didn't want to be around for a while. I got in my good ole Cavalier and I went on a drive. I got just outside of town and parked. It was a dark snowy night. I drove on a back road and parked and I just sat there and thought. I pondered what I had in my life and what I was hopefully going to have. I was doubting on going on a mission. I was really nervous, scared and I will be honest I was just loving my life and my job. I didn't want to turn my back on the world. I have now come on my mission and this is the best time of my life thus far. Not only have I learned so much, but I get to see the beautiful state of Tennessee.
I would recommend all just to take some time and ponder about where you are heading, what you are doing and who you want to become. Open your eyes to see who God wants you to become. Do what you know is right. Enjoy the beauty of the earth. God has given us this earth to enjoy it.


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