Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sacrifice for Others to Live

What are some sacrifices that others do for you personally? So many of us often overlook what is truly done for us. I know that I do. I sit there and think sometimes nobody but God cares. That is the wrong way to look at it. If we can only think for a second what someone has done for us.

Right now I am sitting here thinking about what people are doing for me. Maybe I don't see or know about it but I know people are protecting me. A perfect example is the man that you see on the street corner looking like a poor man who is truly an undercover agent trying to stop illegal activity. He is putting his life on the line for both you and I. We have all of the police officers world wide who are arresting criminals so they do not come and kill us or something else bad like that. There men are getting in firefights with the criminals knowing their life is in danger. They hope to go home to their families every night but will they? Some may not and they already know that. They are still willing to go and serve those in their communities and countries. Some even serve others in other countries by arresting or killing those harming others. So many get frusturated with these people when they get pulled over or are asked to move. Why do they do so? Impatience and disrespect. I know that these people are will appreciate these officers one day when their life is on the line. Our law enforcement personnel(Federal, Local) are willing to give up all to do so. This because of their love for their country and fellow men. Not everybody can do this job, it takes a special person.
The following link sends you to a clip of an officers story.
You Raise Me Up- Police Tribute

We also have our armed forces(Active, Reserve, Veteran, Deceased) in other countries as well as here who have given all or will give all. Here is another example of men and women that are willing to give up everything. Some of the soldiers come home alive. They know whether they do or not they have served their country in honor. They have helped in the protection of their fellow citizens. They have given it all. These soldiers go through traumatizing events that change their lives and families. Families are truly hurt by the things their soldier sees and feels now. Military and law enforcement families have often bad living conditions. We may not see it, but the families whose fathers or mothers mind is changed forever. They may not have patience or they may wake up to miserable dreams of previous occurances. They are sometimes also split because of such conditions. We as citizens often take this as granted. We don't give them the respect they deserve. We judge them because of what they do, but we don't know what they are going through. If only we understood what it was like to have to take a life to save a life, what would we then think? How would that affect your condition? Would you look differently upon these honorable citizens? People threaten these soldiers and officers and their families because of what they are doing? They are just trying to help.

We also have our firefighters who run into burning buildings to get somebody out. Not knowing if they will survive, but they do it because they love their fellow citizens. They want others to have their family with them. Often when somebody is in need of the need of the moment these people come to the rescue. When we complain about having a hard bed maybe we should think about the firefighter out fighting a forest fire and sleeping on rocks and other things. We have paramedics who go to scenes and people die in their arms. Doing all they can to save a kid who got hit by a stupid driver or a passer by in a drug war. These people are always ready to respond no matter what time it is. They go days without a good sleep so they can help others.

These men and women show charity, or the pure love of Christ. They are willing to give everything. Next time you see them how are you gonna think about them? Are you going to thank them or disrespect them? Just remember that you may need them one day and you will sure be thankful for them doing their job. This is a thanks to all who serve. it is a way of life for them, but for us it is a sign of their love and respect for us.
In John 15:13 it states, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." What does this say about these men and women.

We have one greater than all who gave up His life. We all know of Him. He is the Son of God. He who I speak of is Jesus Christ. He gave His life in the Garden of Gethsemane, on the cross and who was resurrected. He made it possible that we may all be able to receive help. Along with all of these wonderful heros on the earth who fall the Savior example He says, "Come unto Me, that ye may be healed." He took every kind of beating, suffering, hardship that mankind will ever face so we don't have to. He loves each one of Heavenly Fathers children individually. he is willing to do whatever to help us out. He has His arms outstretched but we have to reach for Him. He stands on the other side of the door knocking, are you gonna answer? I know that we can be healed by our Master Physician as we exercise faith in Him.

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